Abdul A Jaludi, Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of TAG-MC llc, is an expert in IT infrastructure and business command centers. He is the author of two books, The Art of Process Improvement and the Command Center Handbook and was the winner of a global innovation contest looking for the best idea for the future of banking.

Mr. Jaludi has 28 years of experience with data center operations and command centers. His contributions include helping establish one of the most efficient mainframe banking environments in the world. His accomplishments include department, function, process, and tool innovation and optimization. His work includes full reviews of monitoring, overnight batch processing, alert notification, change, incident and problem management for the purpose of improving service to the customer and reducing IT costs.

Mr. Jaludi has performed numerous command center builds, moves, mergers as well as audits and evaluations to identify and correct reasons for customer dissatisfaction, improve service delivery and to reduce expenses.

In addition, he has developed standards and operating procedures to ensure service and operating efficiency remain among the best in the business.